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As your vehicle gets older, the risk and the cost of a mechanical breakdown increases — often after the factory warranty expires.

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Excess wear and tear means excess cost.

Over the term of your lease, your vehicle may experience normal wear and tear as a result of everyday usage. While some normal wear is expected, excess wear can result in additional charges you were not expecting to pay at the end of your lease term. Things like dents, dings and scratches are almost inevitable over time. A few examples of potential excess wear and tear incidents that can happen to your vehicle include:

  • Chip in your windshield.
  • Scratches on your bumper.
  • Dents or dings from a shopping cart.
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Complex and Costly Repairs

Each year, more sophisticated technology is built into our cars: from collision avoidance technology to keyless entry and remote starting systems. These advances make driving easier and safer. They also require more complex and costly repairs. And, once your warranty ends, you’ll need to pay the costs out of pocket. But you can protect yourself from rising repair costs.

The Mechanic Vehicle Service Contract offers five levels of uninterrupted coverage. You can add valuable benefits to protect your vehicle at a price that fits your budget.

The vehicle service contract also helps you avoid potential roadblocks with rental reimbursement and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

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